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Our Company

Southland Films is an imaginative production company in Los Angeles that is driven by an incredible passion for the film making art. The newly found company  is often noted for their unique style and creativity. Southland Films has developed an innovative way to create quality films with very little funding. Although Southland Films is under the umbrella of Atlas Pictures, A Motion Picture Company.  Southland Films allows Atlas Pictures to venture in other areas of filmmaking. An excellent choice for wide range of projects and purpose. Southland Films is dedicated to giving the public great entertainment and the latest productions in Los Angeles.

Independent & Broke

Don't dress for the job you have, dress in your smart Filmmaking attire that blends into the world of Independent and low budget filming. Who knows walking off the job from Starbucks and shooting your first film might pay better.

Stepping out campaign 

A day out on the town with the  Senator Barack Obama. You better dress to impress. By the end of this Presidential race we've got the perfect coverage when history would forever change and "America's Hope" moves forward.

Company gets updated

Our team leaders and staff
work and strive for excellence. Creative ideas is what moves the company forward.

Street,meet Studio

When you're looking for entertainment look no further. From the street to our small but growing catalog. Southland Films will pave it's way to be a household name.

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Southland Films Is An Imaginative Production Company in Los Angeles.